The King of the Unusual: John McAfee tweets from prison

Today John McAfee offered controversy after writing on Twitter while in a prison in Spain. What did he say?

Yes, John McAfee is using Twitter while in prison awaiting possible extradition to the United States on tax evasion charges.

Jail? Are you sure?

Today John McAfee used his social networks to warn that if he was found hanging, similar to what Epstein did, it would not be his fault while in prison.

For those who don’t know the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a tycoon accused of sex trafficking, who was found hanging in a cell in a New York City jail.

The case was very controversial as many claimed that Epstein had not committed suicide.

So, it seems, McAfee wanted to assure his followers that he does not plan to commit suicide soon. Janice McAfee, his wife, previously wrote on Twitter that she had spoken to John, was well and might have limited access to Twitter.

However, at the moment we have no proof that it is really McAfee who, from the Spanish prison, is writing on social networks.

The leading crypto at USD 15,000 after the election

A report by Stack Funds revealed that the market capitalisation of the leading Crypto Revolte versus the capitalisation rate made in (MVRV) that feeds into profits could break the 12K resistance.

As such, the report notes that Bitcoin could see a significant boost in its crypto price after the U.S. presidential election.

RobinHood Crypto Exchange Hack is worse than expected

Bloomberg released a report today that puts the number of Robinhood Market victims at 2,000, according to an anonymous source.

If we consider that the crypto exchange now has more than 13 million customers, we might not think it is significant.

However, although we have an approximation of the number of victims, it is still not known how much was stolen as the crypto platform has not provided an exact figure.

Twitter censored Hunter Biden’s story

Today the New York Post published a very controversial story about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. However, you probably didn’t find out about it thanks to Twitter or Facebook.

The reason is that both Twitter and Facebook censored the article. A moment ago, Twitter published its explanation for the censorship where it noted that the article contained personal and private information, as well as email addresses and phone numbers.

So the article apparently violated Twitter’s rules. The New York Post claimed that the justification was a „baseless assertion“.

This is ironic given that the social network has been a staunch believer in crypto and Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin received a major upgrade today

According to the confirmation history in GitHub, the proposed crypto by Schnorr and Taproot was implemented today in Bitcoin core.

These are the two most significant changes to Bitcoin since the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) and, once activated, will improve the transactional capabilities of the leading crypto.