Raoul Pal: Bitcoin price in five years at one million US dollars

Raoul Pal predicts Bitcoin to cost $1 million by 2025 and is confident that Bitcoin will be widely introduced in the near future.

Raoul Pal led last week a Podcast interview with Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Researchin. In it, the former hedge fund manager shared his views on the economy. In particular, he talked about gold and Bitcoin. Pal believes that the Bitcoin price could rise to $1 million by the end of 2025. He already made this forecast once this year. Pal was formerly a co-administrator of the GLG Global Macro Fund in London. After leaving Goldman Sachs he founded Global Macro Investor and the Real Vision Group.
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Previously, Pal’s capital was evenly divided between US dollars, gold, stocks and Bitcoin. During the Podcast he explained however that he invests his money now to 50 per cent in Bitcoin. The fact that its enormous Bitcoin allocation provides up-to-date a 50 per cent disadvantage for it, it accepts, since the upward trend is very much larger.

The economy will not recover much longer than we expect.

he explained. There are no economic incentives and there are other problems ahead for Europe, the US and the rest of the world. Furthermore, many companies do not have enough cash flow. For these reasons, Pal would have reduced his cash position and preferred to put his money into Bitcoin. His trading position is relatively low and he is even toying with the idea of selling his gold to buy more Bitcoin.

[…] if Bitcoin begins to break out of the patterns it has formed, it will massively outperform gold. I am 100 percent sure of this, so why should I have the gold allocation in this case.

Raoul Pal is sure: Bitcoin adaptation is coming

The CEO of Real Vision Group explained that he has been following the Bitcoin movement from the beginning. With the help of an algorithm he was able to make predictions about the Bitcoin price development. Even if the real Bitcoin developments do not always follow this algorithm, Pal insists. Every four years, he says, Bitcoin follows the same cycle in which the upward trend always outperforms the previous one. Many market commentators, traders and analysts share the forecasts.

Pal is not worried about hyperinflation, a default or anything like that and is interested in people using another monitoring device for their savings. He expects the introduction of Bitcoin to take place in „waves“ – from retail outlets to hedge funds. Pal also stressed, however, that the world is not yet ready. He could well imagine that such an introduction would first take place in a country with a problematic currency devaluation, such as Nicaragua. There would be a lot of smart people working on such an introduction.