The Different Kinds Of Fireplace Tools & Accessories


Fireplace is the center piece of every kitchen. Members of the family gather around the fire to spend wonderful time with one another sharing joys and laughter.

Sitting around a cozy fire pit with friends at your backyard on winter evening could be the most valuable and precious moments of your life.

In order to enjoy the comfort and heat of the fire, the below listed tools & accessories are necessary and required at your fireplace.

Fireplace Accessories:

Fire Poker

It’s one of the most important tools which are often used for stroking fire or adjusting the wood or charcoal for an effective burning.

These pokers are available in varied range of shape, size and design. They are mostly made of steel or iron for durability and convenience.

Fire Starter

Some of the fire pits have electrical ignition system for lighting up the fire while other fire pits does not come with an ignition so, you may have to manage yourself in starting the fire by any means.     

Fireplace Log Rack or Log Hoop 

It’s mostly used to storing or keeping the firewood or log for burning. This gives you the comfort for refilling the wood when the fire dies or slows down. Moreover, you can relax and enjoy the heat of the fire without any worry for refilling the log.

Fire Pit Cover or Mesh Screen 

Some fire pit comes with a cover for protecting the flying embers and sparks of the fire when it’s burning. With the help of the cover or screen you can seat back and peacefully enjoy the fire because you are protected from such harms and dangers with fire pit covers.

Fire Grate

This is another tool which is used for allowing the fireplace to be more efficient in burning. They are mostly constructed from iron.

Carry Bag

Some fire pits are portable so you can carry for any outdoor adventures or camping and picnics. For such purposes you will require carry bag to fit the fire pit into it and safely carry wherever you want.

 Ember Retainer 

This is another important tool which is necessary for retaining or collecting the embers or ashes of the wood and other residues if there be any. It will help you to keep the place neat and tidy as well.

 Fireplace Bellows

The bellows are often used for intensifying the fire for better flame or heat. There are varieties of bellows available in the market however; the most common and the cheapest bellow would be a hollow pipe for blowing to intensify the fire.

Hand Gloves

Heat proof gloves are mostly used when you wanted to lift anything that is hot to touch. This could be the fire pit mesh cover or the poker when it’s hot and dangerous to touch with bare hands.

Fireplace Cleaner 

Different kinds of cleaners are used for keeping the fireplace need and clean. Some fire pits may be required to clean after every used, in order to keep the unit or the place tidy and safe for other activities. Therefore, cleaners are often used though there are varieties cleaners available for various purposes.


This is one of the most important set of tools which is often used for picking or adjusting the fire for better heat or flame. Tongs are mostly made of iron rod or steel so that it will not get easy burnt. By the way, I use the same tongs for my induction cooktop.

 Decorative Rocks/Lava Rocks /Fire Glass

Some fire pit uses wood or log to produce heat while other fireplaces uses artificially log or decorative rocks for burning. So depending on the type of fire pit you will be required to use the most compatible material for producing excellent heat of the fire.

Fireplace Glass Door 

It’s always recommended to install glass door at your fireplace to protect your children or family from the effects of excessive heat of the fire. This also helps is retaining and reducing the amount of heat produced from the fireplace.

Flame Snuffer 

This is another tool which is often used at your fireplace for covering the flame of the fire when it’s not needed for the time being.


Inorder to pick the burning fire from the fireplace to other place we need a shovel Shovels are also use for stroking or tenting the fire when the fire slows down. Therefore, we need to keep a shovel near the fire place for any assistance.

The above listed tools of the fireplace are some of the most important accessories that we often used and need to enjoy the heat of the fire without any trouble and inconvenience.

Infact, such accessories and tools are becoming very decorative in today’s modern homes. Moreover, with the support of these tools you will enjoy the pleasure of sitting around the fireplace in comfort and happiness.

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