Portable Outland Firebowl Deluxe 890: Portable Propane Fire Pit

There’s always a shortage of fun without a fire pit in cool evenings during the fall season. A view of the clear starry night is worth enjoying with a fire pit in the middle and a glass of wine in hand. Most of the people who love nature would also like to go camping with a fire pit and enjoy the true colors of the fall season when all leafs start to turn golden yellow. The Portable Outland Deluxe Propane Fire Pit is a perfect choice for those who go camping often or take trips to the mountains.

Some Good Features of Outland Propane 890 Fire Pit at a Glance

  • It has a strong BTU of 58000 with clean smokeoutland
  • It is CSA approved for use even where there are campfire bans
  • The hose is 10 feet in length and comes with a regulator
  • The package also includes a carry kit, cover, decorative rock set and stabilizer for propane tank
  • It is perfect for outdoor camping due to its light weight
  • No tools are required to assemble this fire pit
  • It is made of steel which is coated with high temperature resistant powder for durability

A 58000 BTU is strong enough to warm at least four to five persons comfortably in your camping site. It burns clean without smoke and so it is very safe for your health if used in the open. However, if you intent to use indoors, you should have a proper ventilation so that there are less health hazards.

No matter where you take this fire pit, it is CSA approved and so you are free to use even in places where there is strict campfire bans. Very often, Forest and Park Rangers get wild at campers when they see campers using this fire pit at camping sites because they had mistaken it for burning wood. We were aware that real wood campfire is restricted in the Ski Mountains, so, we bought this propane fire pit for our camping and as we were enjoying the cold evening, the Rangers came yelling at us for the campfire. Probably, they thought that we were using real wood fire pit. As they came closer, they came to know that it was propane fire pit, which looked quite like real wood fire pit. We chat for some time and they took leave wishing us a good stay.

A 10 feet long hosepipe comes with a regulator for connecting it with the propane tank. It is quite comfortable to keep the tank away from the burner without the least of disturbances. Whether it rains or shine, you don’t have to worry about gathering wood in your camping site because it is a propane fire pit. Your camping trip will never be a failure if you are with this fire pit. However, you have to buy the propane tank separately. A 20-pound tank will last for three nights with medium level of flame for six to seven hours of usage every day.

When it is time for you to get back home, it is very easy to pack all of the kits, put it in a cover, and carry it comfortably due to its lightweight. In fact, no tools are required to assemble this fire pit. All you have to do is fix the hosepipe with a regulator to the propane tank and turn it on to light up and it’s time to enjoy the true ambience of the fire pit.

The fire pit is made of high quality steel and it is coated with high temperature resistant powder in order to last longer. This fire pit is not only meant for camping trips or sites, but you can use it in your patio, garden or lawn as well. You will never be tired of enjoying the cool evening outside by the side of this fire pit. This is a perfect fire pit for carrying with you in your RVs so that you will never miss the fun of being in the warm fire. In addition to that, it has a great value for money, so, I strongly recommend this fire pit for those who have the passion to go for camping trips.

Cover and Protect Your Fire Pit with Classic Accessories Round Fire Pit Cover

It is always a smart move to take up precautionary measures in everything that we do for peace of mind and to be on the safer side. Durability of any product or items that we use depends solely on how we use it or how we handle it. And yes, we all would want our favorite items to last for years.

Many of us have now realized the need for a fire pit and have one in our homes. Most importantly, it is very helpful during those cold, rainy days when it keeps the whole family warm and cozy. Other than keeping us warm and happy, a fire pit can set up a great environment anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy the moonlight at your backyard or at the patio by lighting up your fire pit. You can also light it up and entertain your friends and family when you have any kind of gathering or party (they will love it for sure). You can have a peaceful time and relax by the fireside after a long days work, which will surely make your body and mind lighter. Such are the reasons why a fire pit has become an important item in our homes.


When we talk about a fire pit, we should also remember that there are different types of fire pits. Some fire pits may use natural wood while there are also fire pits that are run using gas/propane. Wood fire pit is the kind that burns real wood while gas fire pit produces fire by burning gas or artificial wood logs. Again, some fire pits are of portable design that lets you create a campfire wherever you want (recommendable for use while camping or at a trip), while some are bigger in size and are designed for permanent installation.

Fire Pit Cover for Durability

You can make your fire pit last longer by investing a little extra money on a fire pit cover. A fire pit cover will protect your fire pit from harmful natural calamities such as rain, snow and sun. Most fire pits are designed for durability but it will wear out after successive and frequent usage. The only means of protecting it and to make it last longer is by covering it or storing it safely inside after use. Some fire pits that are permanently fixed at your backyard or patio cannot be moved and so, covering it is the only means of protecting it.

firepit coverClassic Accessories Veranda Round Fire Pit Cover is a reliable choice made from good quality fabric using Gardelle Fabric System. It is designed to give maximum protection to your fire pit. The fabric is waterproof and so water will not trip inside; plus, it will not tear or crack. This fire pit cover has air vents to minimize air condensation inside. Also, it has an elastic hem at the bottom and with the attached straps, you can tie it over the legs of your fire pit to secure it firmly during windy days. This cover is available in two different sizes and it comes at a cheap price too. The smaller sized cover can fit or cover a round fire pit of up to 44 inches diameter while the larger size can cover up to 60 inches diameter of a round fire pit.

With this fire pit cover, you don’t have to worry about the rain, sun or snow. Rain or shine, your fire pit is always safe and thus, its durability is prolonged too.

Super Quality Terrazzo 58992- EC Patio Fire Pit Cover


Who does not want to protect their things from getting damaged? Absolutely, all of us want to protect our things from it getting damaged. In colder or frozen regions, people usually use fire pit to protect them from the cold. During the winter season, we generally use fire pits to keep us warm. Likewise, your fire pit also needs protection from hazardous situations. So, to protect your fire pit, different covers are available depending on the size of your fire pit. Are you looking for a fire pit cover to purchase? Given in detail below are some of the fine details about this fire pit cover.

What Special Features does the Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover Possess?

  • The hard rain-tie clothing protects the fire pit from rain, rust, snow, ultra-violet rays, and so on.
  • The elastic loops are fixable on all legs to protect you from breezy conditions.
  • The two vents allow your fire pit to decrease inside condensation.
  • The elastic rope, which is at the bottom edge, allows you to fix your fire pit cover quickly and firmly.

Why the Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover is the Finest and the Cheapest Choice?

The Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover comes with the best heavy duty fabric at a cost of 14.99 dollars.

What are the Overall Dimensions of the Fire Pit Cover?

The product dimension is 52 x 52 inches and overall dimension is 36 inches (length) x 40 inches (width).

To What Extend can it Cover?

The fire pit cover can fit up to 44 inches in diameter. But if your fire pit exceeds 44 inches in diameter, it won’t be able to cover your fire pit legs.

What are the Advantages of Using the Terrazzo-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover?

The Patio fire pit cover is perfectly made. The elastic loops are sturdy and well built. It prevents your fire pit from rusting. It can even fit on copper pits that are 30 inches in diameter. The cloth is durable because it is made with high quality materials, just like the rope is.

What are the Limitations of Using the Fire Pit Cover?

Since the diameter measures only 44 inches, it does not fit all sizes. What I mean is that if the fire pit measures 40 inches or more, the cover won’t be able to cover completely. Secondly, there is a lack of toggles in the elastic rope. Finally, the cover is not wholly waterproof.

Final Statement

The elastic ropes are powerful enough to cover your fire pit. According to my experience, the service provided by the Patio cover is excellent. Though the total price is cheap, the product is really wonderful. If you are looking for more expensive fire pit cover, then go for Camp Chef Patio Cover for Moneterey Fire Pit.  


The reason why I bought this Patio cover is that to keep my fire pit from rusting and getting wet. Several years had passed, but still I’m using this model, and my fire pit is still in mint condition. The proficiency provided by the Terrazzo 5899 –EC Patio looks amazing. Truly speaking, if you are really yearning for fire pit cover, go for Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover.

KitchenAid KV25GOXER: Highest Selling 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Some people like cooking and make it their hobby; they often cook different items. While preparing your dish you need to mix the ingredients to make the curry tastier. To mix the ingredients, 5 quart stand mixer will perfectly perform an awesome job to you. The mixer is ideal for preparing juice, pizza and sausage.


Special Qualities That Makes the Mixer Attractive

  • The 5 quart mixer comes with motor 450 Watts.
  • The blender spins in clockwise direction while the shaft spins counter clockwise allowing the ingredients to mix thoroughly.
  • User friendliness of the handle allows you to lift the bowl easily.
  • Multi-purpose attachment hub with wide range of optional accessories.
  • The mixer includes curved dough hook, whip wire and flat beater.
  • The stainless steel bowl is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Soft-start features prevent the ingredients from splashing out.
  • The beater is projected with 67 different points in the bowl.

Efficiency of the 5 Quart Mixer

The mixer has the capacity to mix even the heaviest mixtures and large batches without any difficulty. For mixing any kind of ingredients, you can select the right speed starting from the slowest level to the highest level since the mixer has 10 speed variations.

The mixer performs different functions such as mixing any ingredients starting from egg whites to pizza dough. The bowl is firm and the beater spins in clockwise direction while the shaft moves in counter clockwise direction, this allows the mixer to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Depending on the ingredients you are mixing you can adjust the speed.

What Happen When Overloading Occur?

In the process of mixing the ingredients, when it is overloaded or something obstruct the blades, then the mixer shut down automatically.

Advantages of the Mixer

The mixer performs quickly and it does not make much sound like a microwave oven does. Starting from the heaviest mixtures to the lightest, the mixer can do incredible service. Whether be it preparing juice or sausage, the mixer can handle the job easily.

Multi-Purpose Attachment Hub

The mixer provides different changing attachment options. It is easy to change the accessories. The only thing that you need to do is to turn the bowl and remove the items, after that insert the accessories you want to use.

Measurement of the Mixer

The measurement of the mixer is 16- ½ and 12/ 14 inches. The 5 quart stand mixer weighs 25 pounds (11.3 kgs). The mixer cost $293.


The 5 quart stand mixer provides immense service in cooking. You can mix different types of ingredients. The mixer gives you the advantage to prepare a variety of ingredients. Depending on the weight of the ingredient you can adjust the speed limit. While this mixer is slightly pricey, for the functionality it covers, I think it is quite worth the price.

The tremendous performance of the 5 quart stand mixer would really make your cooking easier and quicker. With the help of this 5 quart mixer you would enjoy cooking. To make cooking more meaningful and enjoyable Tassimo beverage maker will be an added advantage. Since people generally tend to enjoy tea or coffee while cooking.

Fabulous Panda Compact Washing Machine Designed Sophistically

Going to the Laundromat or a washer-man consumes time and money, and it is not always easy to go all the time. So, the best thing is to depend on a washing machine, which is more comfortable. The Panda compact washing machine was first launched on January, 2013 and slowly it has gained momentum. It is not fully automatic.


Now, let me tell you why Panda compact washing machine is gaining popularity in our present market. To put it in a simple way, the machine works magnificently. How?

Special Attractions of the Panda Washing Machine

  • The machine is so powerful that you can wash clothes like jeans and mattress.
  • The machine is easy to operate. The only thing you need to do is put some water and set the timer. On one side the machine washes and on the other the cycle spins.
  • It is compact in size that weighs 28 pounds (12.7 kgs).
  • The washing capacity ranges from 6 to 7 pounds and the washing power is 240 watts.
  • The spin dryer capacity ranges from 3 to 3.5 pounds (1.5 kgs) and the spinning power is 120 watts.
  • The machine is portable.

Usefulness of the Inlet and Outlet Hose

You will receive an inlet and outlet hose with you machine. To intake water in the tub, use the inlet hose and connect it to a tap to let water flow into the machine. If the size of the intake hose does not fit the tap, then you can use a bucket or a shower head. While washing clothes, hang the drain hose so that the water does not flow out from the machine. When the spinner spins, you need to place the drain pipe downward so that the water can flow out.

Why is Panda Compact Washing Machine Rated as One of the Top?

The machine works amazingly. Since the machine is small, it can wash small amount of clothes. However, when the machine starts working, it washes thoroughly leaving little space for dirt.

Special Features of the Washing Machine

How the dry spinner works?

The spin dryer does an exemplary service. Washed clothes are put into the spin dryer so that almost 50 percent of your clothes get dried.

Loading capacity of the washer

Depending on the size of the clothes, it varies. Though the spinner is compact, it appears larger than as advertised. You can wash 6/7 shirts per load. It takes 5 minutes to wash all items in the sink and 3/4 minutes to spin.

Wonderful performance of spinner

The spinner works efficiently when it spins in one direction twisting and rinsing your clothes. This enables your clothes to clean properly.

Are all Types of Clothes Washable in this Machine?

All kinds of clothes are washable if it fits the tub. But since the machine is compact in size, blankets are not comfortable to wash. Clothes like shirts, towels, socks take quicker time allowing 4 or 5 minutes to wash.

Final Statement

Panda compact washing machine is perfectly fit for people staying in apartments, for small houses, short trips, hostels, or caravans because the machine is portable. Though it is small, it performs incredibly.

This washing machine performs excellently. It is easy to operate the machine. Recently, I used other models of washing machine but it does not work like the Panda compact washing machine does. Later, I purchased Panda compact washing machine and it works magnificently. Though compact in size, it provides immense service. Once, the clothes are washed it comes out super clean. So, I really adore this machine. So, if you are looking for compact washing machine, I would insist you to purchase Panda compact washing machine. When you purchase this machine, you would really know the awesome performance of the machine.

Enjoy Perfect Rice with Digital Aroma Rice Cooker

aroma rice cooker

Who does not love to eat home cooked food? Well, exceptionally for a few people, almost everyone loves to eat home cooked food for many reasons. If you want to enjoy top quality cooked rice, the Digital Aroma Rice Cooker perfectly fits the bill.

Top Features of Aroma Rice Cooker at a Glance

  • It has the capacity to cook two to eight cups of rice
  • You have the option to steam not only meat but also vegetables
  • It is user friendly with programmable digital controls
  • It has the function to cook white rice and brown rice and also to keep the food warm
  • The 15 hours delay timer allows you to have flexible meal plans
  • Included with the Aroma rice cooker are steam tray, spatula and rice measuring cup

If you live alone or just a family of two, this aroma rice cooker is just the right size of cooker for you. This cooker is a boon for those people who live on the go because you can also steam meat or vegetables on the top while you cook rice. The other good thing about this cooker which we need to consider is that it does all the cooking for you once it is filled with rice and water.

There are different settings for cooking white rice and brown rice. All you need to do is simply press the respective button for brown and white rice. There is also a feature to keep the food warm and a delay function program up to fifteen hours so that you can have a flexible food plan as per your choice. This feature is crucial when you have unavoidable work to attend. Whether you have work or no work, you will always have a warm and hearty meal every time you cook with this Aroma Rice Cooker.


Included with the cooker is the spatula for serving food, a steam tray for meat and vegetables, and a cup for measuring rice. It is most suitable for a family of two or three at the most.

You might have come across many types of rice cookers, but mind you, this is a number one seller in the market for the quality of rice you get, which is almost equal to the ones you get in high-class restaurants.

Why You Should Own Aroma Rice Cooker?

For the sake of convenience, especially for people who lives on the go, it is just the right cooker because you don’t need to stir or attend to it every now and then unlike other cookers. The moment cooking is over, it automatically switches to Keep-Warm mode. It is very easy to clean all the inner wares when cooking is done. It is also very easy to use this rice cooker as anyone can easily see what to do from the clear LED display. No matter whether you are a chef or not, you will be surprised to get perfect quality rice every time you cook with this cooker. If you are looking for perfect rice either brown or white, you should not hesitate to buy this cooker for the benefit of your good health.

DUXTOP 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

duxtop 1800

The Duxtop 1800 watt Induction cooktop is compact and lightweight, very handy to use and conveniently portable. It consumes 120volts, 15 amps of electricity- standard for homes. Now this is a considerably less power consumption; I have once managed to run this unit and a toaster oven on the same outlet without tripping the breaker. And at least it uses much lesser power than a stovetop does.

I was so taken up by its convenient portability with a size of 13 x 11.5 x2.5 inches. It is compact and lightweight, weighing just 1 pound, so handy to use and store. I won’t mind ordering another Duxtop 1800watt Induction cooktop. I like to take advantage of its portability; take my cooking wherever I want in the Kitchen. The cord length is 6ft. Sometimes when I want to have water close, I take it near the sink so I can take a quick rinsing between dishes. Sometimes I take it to where I cut my veggetables, it saves a lot of walking back and forth to the stove.

I even choose my cooking zone everyday according to the dish I cook. Imagine this, you can take it outside too as long as there is an outlet if you don’t like a steamy heat inside. But it doesn’t leave much heat in the kitchen anyway. I use it often for quick heating, perfect for boiling water.

The burner diameter is 8 inches; a cookware as big as 11 inches diameter would fit quite easily. And it cooks fast and easy. Trying to learn cooking on this cooktop did change my cooking but was worth it. I didn’t take long to find out how well it could stir-fry because quick and hot temperature is ideal for my green vegetables to retain its color.

I would give it a plus point for the digital control panel which can set the temperature to or 10 levels. The temperature ranges from 140°F to 170°F which is equal to 10 power levels ranging from 200-1800 watts. Ever since I switched to this induction cooktop, my power consumption is much reduced. I had been using a hotplate for quite a while now and I find that my new Duxtop has finer temperature controls too.

The Duxtop 1800watt induction cooktop also has a digital countdown timer and I often use it as long as my cooking time does not exceed 2 hours. That is because its maximum cooking time is 170 minutes and I always prefer the save side. Otherwise the Duxtop 1800 watt portable induction cooktop is very safe to use. I especially like the auto-pan detection which shuts off the unit automatically after 60 minutes if no cookware is detected on the burner.

Also equipped with diagnostic error message system; it makes me rest assured that all safe. The unit has high and low voltage which makes sure that any fluctuation of power system doesn’t affect the device. What is more convincing to acknowledge is, the Duxtop 1800 watt cooktop is ETL approved.

Some may find the lower temperature controls disappointing, it specializes in higher and quicker temperatures. Because of too much heat, overcooking or burning happens quite often when I don’t pay proper attention. It is practically impossible to simmer or cook soup on it. The downsides also include heating concentrated on the bottom of the cookware because if the flat burner unlike the gas stove that heats the sides too. But it is certainly much better than one of those old fashioned coils.

And the glass surface makes it easy to clean: a soft damp cloth is good enough to clean once cool.

What matters most to me is that the Duxtop 1800 watt portable Induction cooktop works as advertised. I find the cooktop worth the money I paid.

How My Latest Kitchen Appliances Uplifted My Living Conditions


Living in a modern kitchen with necessary kitchen appliances has become one of my greatest desires. The saying “health is wealth” is a powerful anecdote. Similarly, if our kitchen is well equipped with modern cooking technology, kitchen appliances could be one of our greatest strengths. Why? Those appliances allow us to do our work more comfortably.

As my yearnings for kitchen appliances continue to haunt, recently I bought two new kitchen items that greatly motivated me in the kitchen department. To make it clear, let me specify the two items: an induction cooktop and a coffee brewer. Let me tell you how it changed my kitchen experience.

How the Induction Cooktop Became a Boon for Me

Recently, I have been using only gas stove as my cooktop. But whenever I cook any delicate items or boil milk, I have to fully concentrate on it without doing any other house chores or job. So, to make cooking more comfortable, I purchased a DUXTOP Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 7100 MC. And exactly as I imagined, it works marvelously. How?

The Special Benefits of an Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops provides faster cooking technology. With the introduction of magnetic element, the heating feat is similar with gas burner. But the difference is that the induction cooktop is more energy efficient. Since, the cooktops matches with the cookware, it controls the temperature and prevents overheating. The cooktop shuts down automatically if the cooktop senses that no vessel is placed for cooking or if the pot does not match the induction cooktop. The flat cooking surface is smooth and does not allow spilled food to burn or stick. Since the surface is flat, cleaning becomes easier too. Electric current passes through a magnetic field that allows the cookware to heat quickly. What really amazes me is that it is not the cooktops but it is the cookware that heats up.

Features of the DUXTOP Portable Induction Countertop Burner 7100 MC

  • The compatibility of the cooktop allows me to handle it conveniently.DUXTOP-Portable-Induction-Stove-Top-7100MC
  • The digital control plate performs miraculously. The control panel controls all the temperature, timer and so on.
  • The length of the flex is 6 feet.
  • Though the device is compatible with only iron or stainless steel pots, you can place a magnet so that other pots can be put on the plate, too. But if it does not stick, it will send out an EO message.
  • The device has 10 different temperature settings that ranges from 140 degree Fahrenheit to 240 degree Fahrenheit.
  • It will display a warning when your power is high or low. The power level starts from 200 to 1300 Watts.

The Reasons Why I Chose Keurig K-Cup K60/K65 Brewing System

  • The brewer is a single server cup with K-Cup. It has a control panel with a touch button.Keurig-K60-K65-Special-Edition-Coffee-Maker-Iced-Beverage
  • The chrome accents, LCD display, the brewing option are the special features of the Keurig K60/K65 brewing system.
  • The other attractive features include adjustable temperature, digital clock and auto on and off system.
  • The 60 ounce water tank, which is removable, allows holding eight cups before refilling.
  • The drip tray provides easy cleaning.

How Keurig K60/K65 Brewing System Works?

Once the brewing system is filled with water it will take at least 4 minutes to get the water heated. During the process, the LED control will light up. When the water is heated the red light will turn off and the small mug button will sparkle. For cleansing the brewer, press the small mug button. The brewer takes around 15 seconds to reheat the water. During the process, the LED light displays. When the water is heated, the red light turns off. When the process is completed you are ready for the brew.

How Have the Appliances Uplifted My Life?

Kitchen appliances are so special also renovates any kitchen. For me, I cannot help but stress on my most recent purchases, which really beautified my kitchen. The DUXTOP portable induction cooktop and Keurig K60/K65 brewing system are so easy to handle and both machines work truly efficiently. Using these appliances make my work easier and more comfortable. Now, I solely depend on my induction cooktop for cooking instead of my gas stove, which I was using earlier. Earlier, while cooking I use to drink tea or coffee, and at that time, I use to boil it in a kettle, which was not the most comfortable method. Now, my new coffee machine handles all of these needs without a hitch. I can say with conviction and confidence that the DUXTOP portable induction cooktop and Keurig K60/K65 coffee machine are immensely satisfactory appliances my life.


I feel that the two kitchen appliances that I bought from the market recently really upgraded my life. These two appliances support my kitchen chores. Earlier, to drink a cup of coffee, it takes 5 or 6 minutes to prepare, but now, within a minute I am able to drink them through my brewer. Cooking has now become much easier, taking little time to prepare, too. The combination of my new cooktop and the brewer perfectly complements my kitchen. So, if you want to upgrade your kitchen I would strongly suggest you to purchase the DUXTOP Portable Induction Cooktop and Keurig K60/K65, which make a good combination. Since I have experienced the amazing performance of the two kitchen appliances, I propose you to go for it, too.

Tassimo Automatic Brewer TAS1000UC with Barcode Technology

What is the use of going to coffee houses or a Café? Why should we spend 4 or 5 dollars a day for a cup of coffee? Going to a coffee house consumes time, money and labor. I have learnt that instead of going to a coffee house, having a coffee brewer at home is much more convenient with almost the same results that we get from our regular coffee houses. However, we are usually wrecked with which coffee brewer to buy. As per my research and experience, among all coffee brewers available in the market, Tassimo coffee brewer offers the best working capacity, quality, efficiency and comfort. Tassimo coffee brewer is manufactured by Bosch, and is rated as one of the best selling coffee brewers. The device comes with a price tag of $144.30.

Why Should You Buy Tassimo Coffee Brewer?

The coffee brewer comes with certain profitable features:

  • The brewer comes with an automatic single-serve brewer.
  • It is designed with barcode technology that uses T-Discs.
  • To save energy, it is reverted automatically to stand-by mode.
  • The brewer offers a variety of different brewing system.
  • You can adjust the height of the cup stand.
  • The indicator indicates the water level in the brewer.
  • There is no ruckus, no measuring and no cleaning in the brewer.

Different Brewing System

You can brew in different condition according to your likeness. Starting from the darkest color to the lightest one, you can drink it depending on your choice.

Design with Barcode Technology

The bar code enables you to adjust the brew temperature of the water. The bar code allows you to personalize individual drinks and enabling a wider range of drinks. It is important to read the bar code so that there wouldn’t be any defect in the working system.

Availability of Adjustable Cup Stand

To adjust the height of the cup, the adjustable cup stand does a brilliant job. The handle on the water tank permits you to adjust the cup by sliding the tab with one finger.

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator will indicate the amount of water in the brewer. This is helpful when you want to brew multiple times, especially on days when you have company.

Fully Automatic Brewer

At the touch of a button, the brewer consistently performs the function. If you want to brew a cup of coffee, the brewer would do the job within a minute.

Usefulness of T-Discs

The coffee foams depend on the stability of the T-Discs. Since the brewer is compact, the disk consumes a bit of space. The T-Disc is refillable and more commonly used. Unlike K-Cups, T-Discs are easily available in the market and this is also one primary reason why people preferred to use T-Discs. The advantage of cleaning disk is that you can spit out hot water from the brewer.

The Stand-By Mode System

To save energy, the brewer reverts automatically to the stand-by mode when it is not in use.

Limitations of the Brewer

Though the brewer is convenient to use there are slight drawbacks. The adjustable cup stand holds only finite mugs. So, the stand is adjustable only to smaller mugs. Secondly, the pods are hard to get and little expensive.

Comparison Between Tassimo and Keurig Machine

In comparison to Keurig machine, the Tassimo brewer is smaller in size. So, if your kitchen is too small, then Tassimo brewer will fit you well. Keurig machines are not capable of any foaming drinks like Tassimo does. Moreover, Keurig is slower in preparing a cup of coffee. Unlike Keurig you don’t need to insert the pods and wait for the machine to warm up. Instead, all you need to do is insert the pods and press the button, then in a minute, your choice of beverage would be ready.

Final Statement

The Tassimo brewer is easy to operate and quick to brew. In terms of quality and convenience, the brand is rated as one of the best selling brewer in the present market. On comparison with other brands, I find that no other brand could compete with Tassimo coffee brewer.


Though some limitations are detected in this brewer, the variety of features and quality that it offers makes the brewer a unique brewer. For its versatility and other reasons, this coffee brewer is quite popular in present times. If you have used other models or brands and feel uncomfortable with its working capacity or other states, then, I would strongly recommend you to purchase this model for its overall performance.