The Different Kinds Of Fireplace Tools & Accessories


Fireplace is the center piece of every kitchen. Members of the family gather around the fire to spend wonderful time with one another sharing joys and laughter.

Sitting around a cozy fire pit with friends at your backyard on winter evening could be the most valuable and precious moments of your life.

In order to enjoy the comfort and heat of the fire, the below listed tools & accessories are necessary and required at your fireplace.

Fireplace Accessories:

Fire Poker

It’s one of the most important tools which are often used for stroking fire or adjusting the wood or charcoal for an effective burning.

These pokers are available in varied range of shape, size and design. They are mostly made of steel or iron for durability and convenience.

Fire Starter

Some of the fire pits have electrical ignition system for lighting up the fire while other fire pits does not come with an ignition so, you may have to manage yourself in starting the fire by any means.     

Fireplace Log Rack or Log Hoop 

It’s mostly used to storing or keeping the firewood or log for burning. This gives you the comfort for refilling the wood when the fire dies or slows down. Moreover, you can relax and enjoy the heat of the fire without any worry for refilling the log.

Fire Pit Cover or Mesh Screen 

Some fire pit comes with a cover for protecting the flying embers and sparks of the fire when it’s burning. With the help of the cover or screen you can seat back and peacefully enjoy the fire because you are protected from such harms and dangers with fire pit covers.

Fire Grate

This is another tool which is used for allowing the fireplace to be more efficient in burning. They are mostly constructed from iron.

Carry Bag

Some fire pits are portable so you can carry for any outdoor adventures or camping and picnics. For such purposes you will require carry bag to fit the fire pit into it and safely carry wherever you want.

 Ember Retainer 

This is another important tool which is necessary for retaining or collecting the embers or ashes of the wood and other residues if there be any. It will help you to keep the place neat and tidy as well.

 Fireplace Bellows

The bellows are often used for intensifying the fire for better flame or heat. There are varieties of bellows available in the market however; the most common and the cheapest bellow would be a hollow pipe for blowing to intensify the fire.

Hand Gloves

Heat proof gloves are mostly used when you wanted to lift anything that is hot to touch. This could be the fire pit mesh cover or the poker when it’s hot and dangerous to touch with bare hands.

Fireplace Cleaner 

Different kinds of cleaners are used for keeping the fireplace need and clean. Some fire pits may be required to clean after every used, in order to keep the unit or the place tidy and safe for other activities. Therefore, cleaners are often used though there are varieties cleaners available for various purposes.


This is one of the most important set of tools which is often used for picking or adjusting the fire for better heat or flame. Tongs are mostly made of iron rod or steel so that it will not get easy burnt. By the way, I use the same tongs for my induction cooktop.

 Decorative Rocks/Lava Rocks /Fire Glass

Some fire pit uses wood or log to produce heat while other fireplaces uses artificially log or decorative rocks for burning. So depending on the type of fire pit you will be required to use the most compatible material for producing excellent heat of the fire.

Fireplace Glass Door 

It’s always recommended to install glass door at your fireplace to protect your children or family from the effects of excessive heat of the fire. This also helps is retaining and reducing the amount of heat produced from the fireplace.

Flame Snuffer 

This is another tool which is often used at your fireplace for covering the flame of the fire when it’s not needed for the time being.


Inorder to pick the burning fire from the fireplace to other place we need a shovel Shovels are also use for stroking or tenting the fire when the fire slows down. Therefore, we need to keep a shovel near the fire place for any assistance.

The above listed tools of the fireplace are some of the most important accessories that we often used and need to enjoy the heat of the fire without any trouble and inconvenience.

Infact, such accessories and tools are becoming very decorative in today’s modern homes. Moreover, with the support of these tools you will enjoy the pleasure of sitting around the fireplace in comfort and happiness.

Portable Outland Firebowl Deluxe 890: Portable Propane Fire Pit

There’s always a shortage of fun without a fire pit in cool evenings during the fall season. A view of the clear starry night is worth enjoying with a fire pit in the middle and a glass of wine in hand. Most of the people who love nature would also like to go camping with a fire pit and enjoy the true colors of the fall season when all leafs start to turn golden yellow. The Portable Outland Deluxe Propane Fire Pit is a perfect choice for those who go camping often or take trips to the mountains.

Some Good Features of Outland Propane 890 Fire Pit at a Glance

  • It has a strong BTU of 58000 with clean smokeoutland
  • It is CSA approved for use even where there are campfire bans
  • The hose is 10 feet in length and comes with a regulator
  • The package also includes a carry kit, cover, decorative rock set and stabilizer for propane tank
  • It is perfect for outdoor camping due to its light weight
  • No tools are required to assemble this fire pit
  • It is made of steel which is coated with high temperature resistant powder for durability

A 58000 BTU is strong enough to warm at least four to five persons comfortably in your camping site. It burns clean without smoke and so it is very safe for your health if used in the open. However, if you intent to use indoors, you should have a proper ventilation so that there are less health hazards.

No matter where you take this fire pit, it is CSA approved and so you are free to use even in places where there is strict campfire bans. Very often, Forest and Park Rangers get wild at campers when they see campers using this fire pit at camping sites because they had mistaken it for burning wood. We were aware that real wood campfire is restricted in the Ski Mountains, so, we bought this propane fire pit for our camping and as we were enjoying the cold evening, the Rangers came yelling at us for the campfire. Probably, they thought that we were using real wood fire pit. As they came closer, they came to know that it was propane fire pit, which looked quite like real wood fire pit. We chat for some time and they took leave wishing us a good stay.

A 10 feet long hosepipe comes with a regulator for connecting it with the propane tank. It is quite comfortable to keep the tank away from the burner without the least of disturbances. Whether it rains or shine, you don’t have to worry about gathering wood in your camping site because it is a propane fire pit. Your camping trip will never be a failure if you are with this fire pit. However, you have to buy the propane tank separately. A 20-pound tank will last for three nights with medium level of flame for six to seven hours of usage every day.

When it is time for you to get back home, it is very easy to pack all of the kits, put it in a cover, and carry it comfortably due to its lightweight. In fact, no tools are required to assemble this fire pit. All you have to do is fix the hosepipe with a regulator to the propane tank and turn it on to light up and it’s time to enjoy the true ambience of the fire pit.

The fire pit is made of high quality steel and it is coated with high temperature resistant powder in order to last longer. This fire pit is not only meant for camping trips or sites, but you can use it in your patio, garden or lawn as well. You will never be tired of enjoying the cool evening outside by the side of this fire pit. This is a perfect fire pit for carrying with you in your RVs so that you will never miss the fun of being in the warm fire. In addition to that, it has a great value for money, so, I strongly recommend this fire pit for those who have the passion to go for camping trips.

Cover and Protect Your Fire Pit with Classic Accessories Round Fire Pit Cover

It is always a smart move to take up precautionary measures in everything that we do for peace of mind and to be on the safer side. Durability of any product or items that we use depends solely on how we use it or how we handle it. And yes, we all would want our favorite items to last for years.

Many of us have now realized the need for a fire pit and have one in our homes. Most importantly, it is very helpful during those cold, rainy days when it keeps the whole family warm and cozy. Other than keeping us warm and happy, a fire pit can set up a great environment anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy the moonlight at your backyard or at the patio by lighting up your fire pit. You can also light it up and entertain your friends and family when you have any kind of gathering or party (they will love it for sure). You can have a peaceful time and relax by the fireside after a long days work, which will surely make your body and mind lighter. Such are the reasons why a fire pit has become an important item in our homes.


When we talk about a fire pit, we should also remember that there are different types of fire pits. Some fire pits may use natural wood while there are also fire pits that are run using gas/propane. Wood fire pit is the kind that burns real wood while gas fire pit produces fire by burning gas or artificial wood logs. Again, some fire pits are of portable design that lets you create a campfire wherever you want (recommendable for use while camping or at a trip), while some are bigger in size and are designed for permanent installation.

Fire Pit Cover for Durability

You can make your fire pit last longer by investing a little extra money on a fire pit cover. A fire pit cover will protect your fire pit from harmful natural calamities such as rain, snow and sun. Most fire pits are designed for durability but it will wear out after successive and frequent usage. The only means of protecting it and to make it last longer is by covering it or storing it safely inside after use. Some fire pits that are permanently fixed at your backyard or patio cannot be moved and so, covering it is the only means of protecting it.

firepit coverClassic Accessories Veranda Round Fire Pit Cover is a reliable choice made from good quality fabric using Gardelle Fabric System. It is designed to give maximum protection to your fire pit. The fabric is waterproof and so water will not trip inside; plus, it will not tear or crack. This fire pit cover has air vents to minimize air condensation inside. Also, it has an elastic hem at the bottom and with the attached straps, you can tie it over the legs of your fire pit to secure it firmly during windy days. This cover is available in two different sizes and it comes at a cheap price too. The smaller sized cover can fit or cover a round fire pit of up to 44 inches diameter while the larger size can cover up to 60 inches diameter of a round fire pit.

With this fire pit cover, you don’t have to worry about the rain, sun or snow. Rain or shine, your fire pit is always safe and thus, its durability is prolonged too.

Super Quality Terrazzo 58992- EC Patio Fire Pit Cover

Who does not want to protect their things from getting damaged? Absolutely, all of us want to protect our things from it getting damaged. In colder or frozen regions, people usually use fire pit to protect them from the cold. During the winter season, we generally use fire pits to keep us warm. Likewise, your fire pit also needs protection from hazardous situations. So, to protect your fire pit, different covers are available depending on the size of your fire pit. Are you looking for a fire pit cover to purchase? Given in detail below are some of the fine details about this fire pit cover.

What Special Features does the Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover Possess?

  • The hard rain-tie clothing protects the fire pit from rain, rust, snow, ultra-violet rays, and so on.
  • The elastic loops are fixable on all legs to protect you from breezy conditions.
  • The two vents allow your fire pit to decrease inside condensation.
  • The elastic rope, which is at the bottom edge, allows you to fix your fire pit cover quickly and firmly.

Why the Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover is the Finest and the Cheapest Choice?

The Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover comes with the best heavy duty fabric at a cost of 14.99 dollars.

What are the Overall Dimensions of the Fire Pit Cover?

The product dimension is 52 x 52 inches and overall dimension is 36 inches (length) x 40 inches (width).

To What Extend can it Cover?

The fire pit cover can fit up to 44 inches in diameter. But if your fire pit exceeds 44 inches in diameter, it won’t be able to cover your fire pit legs.

What are the Advantages of Using the Terrazzo-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover?

The Patio fire pit cover is perfectly made. The elastic loops are sturdy and well built. It prevents your fire pit from rusting. It can even fit on copper pits that are 30 inches in diameter. The cloth is durable because it is made with high quality materials, just like the rope is.

What are the Limitations of Using the Fire Pit Cover?

Since the diameter measures only 44 inches, it does not fit all sizes. What I mean is that if the fire pit measures 40 inches or more, the cover won’t be able to cover completely. Secondly, there is a lack of toggles in the elastic rope. Finally, the cover is not wholly waterproof.

Final Statement

The elastic ropes are powerful enough to cover your fire pit. According to my experience, the service provided by the Patio cover is excellent. Though the total price is cheap, the product is really wonderful. If you are looking for more expensive fire pit cover, then go for Camp Chef Patio Cover for Moneterey Fire Pit.  


The reason why I bought this Patio cover is that to keep my fire pit from rusting and getting wet. Several years had passed, but still I’m using this model, and my fire pit is still in mint condition. The proficiency provided by the Terrazzo 5899 –EC Patio looks amazing. Truly speaking, if you are really yearning for fire pit cover, go for Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover.