Innovative Cooking Appliances

kitchen-appliancesYour kitchen can get way more creative and efficient with modern technology; your family’s love for good home cooked food will be quite effortlessly entertained. Your favorite dish that you usually order in a posh restaurant can well become your specialty. What’s more you don’t have to hurry to a fast food corner on days that you are just unavoidably late for work. Your kitchen can work at automatic pace faster than your time spent dropping by and waiting at a roadside food-joint. Your kitchen chores can be completed in a couple of minutes and at the press of a button. If you are in need of a Kitchen renovation, maybe you should consider an upgrade with some of the latest kitchen appliances.

Some Innovative Kitchen Appliances Worth Considering:

You may want to check out the following suggestions and make your choices for your kitchen.


·        Induction Cooktops:

This is one of the new sophisticated electric appliances that have revolutionized cooking. Induction cooking is faster and much more energy efficient than conventional hotplates. Besides, induction cooktops have precise control of cooking temperature and also have safety measures against overheating, preventing the cookware from boiling dry. Induction cooktops usually have automatic cookware detection that switches itself off when the cooktop is removed from its burner. What I think is special about the induction cooktop is that it does not put out heat in the room at all. And because the only part of an induction burner that is in contact with the cooktop gets heated and the rest remains cool, so it is super easy to clean. Some of the reliable cooktops are GE PHP960DMBB Induction Cooktop, NUWave PIC Pro High Powered Induction Cooktop, Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Electric Induction Cooktop, etc.

·        Dishwashers:

These are modern washing equipment that have simplified our Kitchen chores considerably. All you need to do is fit your crockery into the racks and set the device running, and your washing will be done in a jiffy. Bosch and SPT are some of the emerging brands that are gaining popularity along with reliability.

·        Electric Ovens and Toaster Ovens:

Baking on a furnace is meticulously tedious and difficult to control the heat; it is literally impossible to maintain a consistent temperature that is necessary for fine baking. Convection ovens are a boon for confectionery businesses. Well, chocolate confectionery and sweet confectionery like cakes and pastries can now be easily made or cooked in your own kitchen with an electric oven. Toasters give you a quick and perfect start for a wholesome breakfast. Popular brands include Hamilton, Cuisinart and Breville.

·        Microwave ovens:

Microwave ovens heats food uniformly and so it cooks more evenly than a burner. You can heat a variety of food stuff like snacks and soup too. Microwave ovens also enhanced domestic cooking experiences like barbecue; grill or broil, without having to go outdoors. You can enjoy fresh grilled meat or fish for dinner any day. Microwave devices also allow us to set the timer which makes cooking very convenient. Trusted brands are Panasonic and Kenmore.

·        Refrigerators:

Freezers are one of the most innovative appliances that are already quite widely used, but imagine where your beverages would have been stored if there were no freezers. With advancing technology, refrigerators with refined and sophisticated features are emerging. Full sized refrigerators are ideal for homes; perfect for storing foodstuffs. Some of the emerging brands specialized in refrigerators are Whirlpool, Haier, Frigidaire and Danby.

·        Electric Grinders, Juicers and Mixers:

These equipments have made domestic cooking immensely convenient. They are handy devices which make our work faster and easier while preparing. A few reliable models available in the market are Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 series, Hamilton Beach 58148a powerlite and 5 Quart Stand Mixer, Blentech Total Blender, and so on.

·        Coffee Makers and Electric Kettles:

You can rely on these small and smart machines to start your day with a good cup of tea or coffee. They are quick and easy, great for everyday use. They come in a wide range of sizes; brands like Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach have coffee makers big enough to contain twelve cups, while the Tassimo Automatic brewer serves one. Besides you can choose a thermal coffee maker from Bonavita or Melitta that will keep your leftover tea or coffee fresh.

Conclusion: These appliances are a wee bit more expensive than our usual kitchen appliances, but are worth the investment. Imagine yourself hone your cooking skill with the new and improved cooking tools and appliances, imagine yourself cook the most elaborate dish that you always fancied. And because these Kitchen appliances and even accessories are made by professionals, they are much more reliable and convenient for usage. Make these new innovations your next alternative.

The Popular Instant Pot – DUO60 Rice Cooker

Ever imagined cooking without having to worry about checking on it more often than on your children or your other chores? Interestingly, I have realized that my new rice cooker that I got gifted by a good friend on the day I moved to a new place could help me do it. She probably knows that I am extremely health conscious and that I make it a point to make a head-start in the morning with healthy and fresh food. I do have a very hectic lifestyle and I need to do my work while cooking without muddling up both. All thanks to my considerate friend, I could actually manage to steam my vegetables perfectly for breakfast with my new rice cooker, the Instant Pot-DUO60, before I drive off to work.

The Instant Pot- DUO60 rice cooker comes in two colors; stainless steel and black, and exclusively one price range of about $139. Well, I was such a big fan of my new rice cooker that I had to checked out the price and when I saw how reasonably priced it was, I was thrilled—I won’t mind buying another one, and actually, I did too.

Made of durable and resilient stainless steel material, you do not have to worry about it getting rusted when you scrub and rinse it daily with water. Besides, it cleans easy and nice because it has a non-sticky stainless steel pot inside and the exterior is finger print resistant.


With a convenient size of 12.2 x 13 x 12.6 inches, and weighing just 12 pounds, its decent and polished appearance dazzled me when I first opened my gift packet. I do love the stylish look it sports.

Multi-Functional cooker

This rice cooker has 7 programmable functions including pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, sauté or browning, and warming. I find the 14 built-in programs smart indeed; I managed to cook all my favourite dishes and more; ranging from porridge and yoghurt to soup and steamed vegetables to meat as well as pasteurized and fermented rice.

But it’s perfect for quickly steaming sweet corn, baby carrots and green peas, whether fresh or frozen. And what is more, it has very simple usage instructions, as easy as the press of a button. I love the fact that you need not watch over it, like when you are preparing for an entrée of chili.

The variety of recipes that can be adapted to instant pot cooking is tremendously improved in this model because it also has three adjustable modes in slow cook and sauté programs. For me, the specialty of this feature is that it includes three temperatures in sauté; browning, simmering and thickening. Most of my traditional recipes go well with my Instant Pot rice cooker.

Of course, we cannot expect a rice cooker to dry fry, but I can assure you that cooking in this rice cooker definitely retains the freshness and the aroma of food.

Uncompromised Safety Measures:

This Instant Pot DUO60 has the latest generation technology microprocessors embedded in it, which monitors the temperature, pressure and timer, and simultaneously adjusts the heating intensity and duration. It considers even the volume of food, which maintains consistency. It has always given me dependable results.

I have to admit that I make many absent minded errors while cooking but I can trust my Instant Pot DUO60 Rice Cooker, which is in fact designed to eliminate a lot of common errors. Moreover, it has 10 proven safety mechanisms certified by UCL and UL.

Special Features:

One of the useful and special features of this Instant Pot is the 24 hour timer that has allowed me to delay my cooking on a number of occasions. I also love the feature that automatically keeps food warm until I am ready to eat or serve.

Kitchen Friendly:

The slim body with small footprints, comfortably fits anywhere in an average kitchen like mine. Also the 3-ply bottom makes cooking fast and powerful, and yet, it does not give out steam and heat up the room nor does it make much noise. It can cook two to six times faster when compared to cooking on conventional cookwares. Don’t you like the idea of such a more efficient Kitchen?


You need not get as crazy as me to buy two of the Instant Pot DUO60 Rice Cooker, but I sure think it’s worth the investment. It is highly energy efficient consuming 70% less energy, plus the time and attention saved helps tremendously. If you live a fast paced life or is planning to get your diet organized in a busy schedule, I would recommend you the Instant Pot DUO60 rice cooker. I am tremendously pleased with the performance and also the finish of this rice cooker.