Super Quality Terrazzo 58992- EC Patio Fire Pit Cover

Who does not want to protect their things from getting damaged? Absolutely, all of us want to protect our things from it getting damaged. In colder or frozen regions, people usually use fire pit to protect them from the cold. During the winter season, we generally use fire pits to keep us warm. Likewise, your fire pit also needs protection from hazardous situations. So, to protect your fire pit, different covers are available depending on the size of your fire pit. Are you looking for a fire pit cover to purchase? Given in detail below are some of the fine details about this fire pit cover.

What Special Features does the Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover Possess?

  • The hard rain-tie clothing protects the fire pit from rain, rust, snow, ultra-violet rays, and so on.
  • The elastic loops are fixable on all legs to protect you from breezy conditions.
  • The two vents allow your fire pit to decrease inside condensation.
  • The elastic rope, which is at the bottom edge, allows you to fix your fire pit cover quickly and firmly.

Why the Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover is the Finest and the Cheapest Choice?

The Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover comes with the best heavy duty fabric at a cost of 14.99 dollars.

What are the Overall Dimensions of the Fire Pit Cover?

The product dimension is 52 x 52 inches and overall dimension is 36 inches (length) x 40 inches (width).

To What Extend can it Cover?

The fire pit cover can fit up to 44 inches in diameter. But if your fire pit exceeds 44 inches in diameter, it won’t be able to cover your fire pit legs.

What are the Advantages of Using the Terrazzo-EC Patio Fire Pit Cover?

The Patio fire pit cover is perfectly made. The elastic loops are sturdy and well built. It prevents your fire pit from rusting. It can even fit on copper pits that are 30 inches in diameter. The cloth is durable because it is made with high quality materials, just like the rope is.

What are the Limitations of Using the Fire Pit Cover?

Since the diameter measures only 44 inches, it does not fit all sizes. What I mean is that if the fire pit measures 40 inches or more, the cover won’t be able to cover completely. Secondly, there is a lack of toggles in the elastic rope. Finally, the cover is not wholly waterproof.

Final Statement

The elastic ropes are powerful enough to cover your fire pit. According to my experience, the service provided by the Patio cover is excellent. Though the total price is cheap, the product is really wonderful. If you are looking for more expensive fire pit cover, then go for Camp Chef Patio Cover for Moneterey Fire Pit.  


The reason why I bought this Patio cover is that to keep my fire pit from rusting and getting wet. Several years had passed, but still I’m using this model, and my fire pit is still in mint condition. The proficiency provided by the Terrazzo 5899 –EC Patio looks amazing. Truly speaking, if you are really yearning for fire pit cover, go for Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover.

KitchenAid KV25GOXER: Highest Selling 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Some people like cooking and make it their hobby; they often cook different items. While preparing your dish you need to mix the ingredients to make the curry tastier. To mix the ingredients, 5 quart stand mixer will perfectly perform an awesome job to you. The mixer is ideal for preparing juice, pizza and sausage.


Special Qualities That Makes the Mixer Attractive

  • The 5 quart mixer comes with motor 450 Watts.
  • The blender spins in clockwise direction while the shaft spins counter clockwise allowing the ingredients to mix thoroughly.
  • User friendliness of the handle allows you to lift the bowl easily.
  • Multi-purpose attachment hub with wide range of optional accessories.
  • The mixer includes curved dough hook, whip wire and flat beater.
  • The stainless steel bowl is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Soft-start features prevent the ingredients from splashing out.
  • The beater is projected with 67 different points in the bowl.

Efficiency of the 5 Quart Mixer

The mixer has the capacity to mix even the heaviest mixtures and large batches without any difficulty. For mixing any kind of ingredients, you can select the right speed starting from the slowest level to the highest level since the mixer has 10 speed variations.

The mixer performs different functions such as mixing any ingredients starting from egg whites to pizza dough. The bowl is firm and the beater spins in clockwise direction while the shaft moves in counter clockwise direction, this allows the mixer to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Depending on the ingredients you are mixing you can adjust the speed.

What Happen When Overloading Occur?

In the process of mixing the ingredients, when it is overloaded or something obstruct the blades, then the mixer shut down automatically.

Advantages of the Mixer

The mixer performs quickly and it does not make much sound like a microwave oven does. Starting from the heaviest mixtures to the lightest, the mixer can do incredible service. Whether be it preparing juice or sausage, the mixer can handle the job easily.

Multi-Purpose Attachment Hub

The mixer provides different changing attachment options. It is easy to change the accessories. The only thing that you need to do is to turn the bowl and remove the items, after that insert the accessories you want to use.

Measurement of the Mixer

The measurement of the mixer is 16- ½ and 12/ 14 inches. The 5 quart stand mixer weighs 25 pounds (11.3 kgs). The mixer cost $293.


The 5 quart stand mixer provides immense service in cooking. You can mix different types of ingredients. The mixer gives you the advantage to prepare a variety of ingredients. Depending on the weight of the ingredient you can adjust the speed limit. While this mixer is slightly pricey, for the functionality it covers, I think it is quite worth the price.

The tremendous performance of the 5 quart stand mixer would really make your cooking easier and quicker. With the help of this 5 quart mixer you would enjoy cooking. To make cooking more meaningful and enjoyable Tassimo beverage maker will be an added advantage. Since people generally tend to enjoy tea or coffee while cooking.