DUXTOP 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

duxtop 1800

The Duxtop 1800 watt Induction cooktop is compact and lightweight, very handy to use and conveniently portable. It consumes 120volts, 15 amps of electricity- standard for homes. Now this is a considerably less power consumption; I have once managed to run this unit and a toaster oven on the same outlet without tripping the breaker. And at least it uses much lesser power than a stovetop does.

I was so taken up by its convenient portability with a size of 13 x 11.5 x2.5 inches. It is compact and lightweight, weighing just 1 pound, so handy to use and store. I won’t mind ordering another Duxtop 1800watt Induction cooktop. I like to take advantage of its portability; take my cooking wherever I want in the Kitchen. The cord length is 6ft. Sometimes when I want to have water close, I take it near the sink so I can take a quick rinsing between dishes. Sometimes I take it to where I cut my veggetables, it saves a lot of walking back and forth to the stove.

I even choose my cooking zone everyday according to the dish I cook. Imagine this, you can take it outside too as long as there is an outlet if you don’t like a steamy heat inside. But it doesn’t leave much heat in the kitchen anyway. I use it often for quick heating, perfect for boiling water.

The burner diameter is 8 inches; a cookware as big as 11 inches diameter would fit quite easily. And it cooks fast and easy. Trying to learn cooking on this cooktop did change my cooking but was worth it. I didn’t take long to find out how well it could stir-fry because quick and hot temperature is ideal for my green vegetables to retain its color.

I would give it a plus point for the digital control panel which can set the temperature to or 10 levels. The temperature ranges from 140°F to 170°F which is equal to 10 power levels ranging from 200-1800 watts. Ever since I switched to this induction cooktop, my power consumption is much reduced. I had been using a hotplate for quite a while now and I find that my new Duxtop has finer temperature controls too.

The Duxtop 1800watt induction cooktop also has a digital countdown timer and I often use it as long as my cooking time does not exceed 2 hours. That is because its maximum cooking time is 170 minutes and I always prefer the save side. Otherwise the Duxtop 1800 watt portable induction cooktop is very safe to use. I especially like the auto-pan detection which shuts off the unit automatically after 60 minutes if no cookware is detected on the burner.

Also equipped with diagnostic error message system; it makes me rest assured that all safe. The unit has high and low voltage which makes sure that any fluctuation of power system doesn’t affect the device. What is more convincing to acknowledge is, the Duxtop 1800 watt cooktop is ETL approved.

Some may find the lower temperature controls disappointing, it specializes in higher and quicker temperatures. Because of too much heat, overcooking or burning happens quite often when I don’t pay proper attention. It is practically impossible to simmer or cook soup on it. The downsides also include heating concentrated on the bottom of the cookware because if the flat burner unlike the gas stove that heats the sides too. But it is certainly much better than one of those old fashioned coils.

And the glass surface makes it easy to clean: a soft damp cloth is good enough to clean once cool.

What matters most to me is that the Duxtop 1800 watt portable Induction cooktop works as advertised. I find the cooktop worth the money I paid.