Tassimo Automatic Brewer TAS1000UC with Barcode Technology

What is the use of going to coffee houses or a Café? Why should we spend 4 or 5 dollars a day for a cup of coffee? Going to a coffee house consumes time, money and labor. I have learnt that instead of going to a coffee house, having a coffee brewer at home is much more convenient with almost the same results that we get from our regular coffee houses. However, we are usually wrecked with which coffee brewer to buy. As per my research and experience, among all coffee brewers available in the market, Tassimo coffee brewer offers the best working capacity, quality, efficiency and comfort. Tassimo coffee brewer is manufactured by Bosch, and is rated as one of the best selling coffee brewers. The device comes with a price tag of $144.30.

Why Should You Buy Tassimo Coffee Brewer?

The coffee brewer comes with certain profitable features:

  • The brewer comes with an automatic single-serve brewer.
  • It is designed with barcode technology that uses T-Discs.
  • To save energy, it is reverted automatically to stand-by mode.
  • The brewer offers a variety of different brewing system.
  • You can adjust the height of the cup stand.
  • The indicator indicates the water level in the brewer.
  • There is no ruckus, no measuring and no cleaning in the brewer.

Different Brewing System

You can brew in different condition according to your likeness. Starting from the darkest color to the lightest one, you can drink it depending on your choice.

Design with Barcode Technology

The bar code enables you to adjust the brew temperature of the water. The bar code allows you to personalize individual drinks and enabling a wider range of drinks. It is important to read the bar code so that there wouldn’t be any defect in the working system.

Availability of Adjustable Cup Stand

To adjust the height of the cup, the adjustable cup stand does a brilliant job. The handle on the water tank permits you to adjust the cup by sliding the tab with one finger.

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator will indicate the amount of water in the brewer. This is helpful when you want to brew multiple times, especially on days when you have company.

Fully Automatic Brewer

At the touch of a button, the brewer consistently performs the function. If you want to brew a cup of coffee, the brewer would do the job within a minute.

Usefulness of T-Discs

The coffee foams depend on the stability of the T-Discs. Since the brewer is compact, the disk consumes a bit of space. The T-Disc is refillable and more commonly used. Unlike K-Cups, T-Discs are easily available in the market and this is also one primary reason why people preferred to use T-Discs. The advantage of cleaning disk is that you can spit out hot water from the brewer.

The Stand-By Mode System

To save energy, the brewer reverts automatically to the stand-by mode when it is not in use.

Limitations of the Brewer

Though the brewer is convenient to use there are slight drawbacks. The adjustable cup stand holds only finite mugs. So, the stand is adjustable only to smaller mugs. Secondly, the pods are hard to get and little expensive.

Comparison Between Tassimo and Keurig Machine

In comparison to Keurig machine, the Tassimo brewer is smaller in size. So, if your kitchen is too small, then Tassimo brewer will fit you well. Keurig machines are not capable of any foaming drinks like Tassimo does. Moreover, Keurig is slower in preparing a cup of coffee. Unlike Keurig you don’t need to insert the pods and wait for the machine to warm up. Instead, all you need to do is insert the pods and press the button, then in a minute, your choice of beverage would be ready.

Final Statement

The Tassimo brewer is easy to operate and quick to brew. In terms of quality and convenience, the brand is rated as one of the best selling brewer in the present market. On comparison with other brands, I find that no other brand could compete with Tassimo coffee brewer.


Though some limitations are detected in this brewer, the variety of features and quality that it offers makes the brewer a unique brewer. For its versatility and other reasons, this coffee brewer is quite popular in present times. If you have used other models or brands and feel uncomfortable with its working capacity or other states, then, I would strongly recommend you to purchase this model for its overall performance.