The Versatile GE CGP650SETSS Cafe 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Over the years, I have always had my kitchen furnished with good appliances that I think will make it fast and comfy to work in. I recently decided to upgrade my cooktop. I will be honest, my hunt for the perfect cooktop has taken a lot of effort and extra search-tours around town because I was so particular about how well it must fit in my cooking zone. Though a bad cook, I am the type who loves home cooked food as much as I love partying and gossiping with my friends. I finally found the fabulous GE CGP650SETSS café 36” Stainless steel Gas Cooktop.

Powerful Burners

GE gas cooktopThis elegant gas cooktop comes in 5 sealed burner elements that enable me to do diverse cooking at a time. With a powerful central burner of 20,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) that can cook gallons at a time, I made extensive use of it when I happen to have lots of guests, especially during family feast. The tri-ring burner is perfect for heating water, too, while the other burners on the corners help in low heating. Well, the burners can heat much stronger than I need and it actually has simmer burners that works incredibly precise to help me regulate the temperature. These smaller burners can be used for melting butter and is perfect for heating delicate food. Except for burner 2 and 4(9100BTU), all the other burners have different heating intensity; burner 1 has 11000BTU and burner 3 has 5000 BTU.

It has the Commercial Look

I like to get the feel of the appliances before I buy them. Well it was exciting to get the sturdy feel of the stainless steel body, the finished look and the perfect size (36 x 20.4 x 3.25 inches) when I first saw it in the store. I am still impressed with the bold grid design and the excellent way it functions till now. That was probably why I recommended it to my brother and he got one from Amazon too. I only wish I had bought mine from an online retailer too after I saw how my brother’s came in perfect shape; it is simply impossible for the sturdy body to get damaged while shipping. Its weight, 80.4 pounds, is slightly heavier than most of the normal cooktops. You may find it difficult to shift it, but it is an advantage for me; only makes it stand more stable in my kitchen.

Reliability and Performance

I have begun to develop a certain trust in GE brand ever since I got this gas cooktop. Though it belongs to one brand among many in the range of expensive gas cooktops, the performance is simply amazing. Besides the ‘precise simmer burner’, I also love features like the large control knobs. Besides, a cooktop will stay longer with us than any or most of our other appliances, and when I really think of it, even our cars. So, “why not invest a reasonable amount,” was what I thought when I went to buy mine.

It is easy to install and has a perfect set of burner sizes and the right combo of heat intensities enhanced by the low simmer setting (which assures you high quality volt burner controls). Yes it allows me to prepare two dishes at a time. The features and performance are indeed versatile. The overall build quality is commendable; with heavy cast iron grates and the griddle made by a reliable brand, Lodge. Most importantly, the manufacturer offers 10 years warranty.


This GE gas cooktop also has the blue LED lights projection that indicates that the gas burner is left on. For absent minded cooks like me, it is a good feature that will ensure safety from gas hazards. While the child lock feature will prevent accidental activation while you are cleaning.

Special Features

I especially like the distancing of the burners which is distinctive in the GE CGP650SETSS Café 36” Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop. If you usually cook a lot like me, you will understand when I say that because there is more distance between the burners than in other cooktops, it allows for a more even heating. Besides, the griddles stand up a little higher from the burners, which allows for a more efficient heating compared to normal gas cooktops.

The sealed burners give protection from the mess of spillage which instead gets collected in the dishwasher –safe under the grates, which makes cleaning much easier. The stainless surface cleans beautifully.


This GE gas cooktop is like a boon for someone who cooks as much as I do. In style, quality, performance and appearance, it is just excellent. Note that the fuel type it uses is Propane gas. Personally, I prefer gas cooktops more than induction cooktops because the flames of a gas cooktop give a more consistent heating of the cookware unlike an induction cooktop which heats only the bottom. Well, if cooking is a daily affair for you and if you like kitchen friendly appliances, I highly recommend the GE CGP650SETSS 30” Stainless Steel Burner Cooktop.

The Popular Instant Pot – DUO60 Rice Cooker

Ever imagined cooking without having to worry about checking on it more often than on your children or your other chores? Interestingly, I have realized that my new rice cooker that I got gifted by a good friend on the day I moved to a new place could help me do it. She probably knows that I am extremely health conscious and that I make it a point to make a head-start in the morning with healthy and fresh food. I do have a very hectic lifestyle and I need to do my work while cooking without muddling up both. All thanks to my considerate friend, I could actually manage to steam my vegetables perfectly for breakfast with my new rice cooker, the Instant Pot-DUO60, before I drive off to work.

instant pot

The Instant Pot- DUO60 rice cooker comes in two colors; stainless steel and black, and exclusively one price range of about $139. Well, I was such a big fan of my new rice cooker that I had to checked out the price and when I saw how reasonably priced it was, I was thrilled—I won’t mind buying another one, and actually, I did too.

Made of durable and resilient stainless steel material, you do not have to worry about it getting rusted when you scrub and rinse it daily with water. Besides, it cleans easy and nice because it has a non-sticky stainless steel pot inside and the exterior is finger print resistant.


With a convenient size of 12.2 x 13 x 12.6 inches, and weighing just 12 pounds, its decent and polished appearance dazzled me when I first opened my gift packet. I do love the stylish look it sports.

Multi-Functional cooker

This rice cooker has 7 programmable functions including pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, sauté or browning, and warming. I find the 14 built-in programs smart indeed; I managed to cook all my favourite dishes and more; ranging from porridge and yoghurt to soup and steamed vegetables to meat as well as pasteurized and fermented rice, without the need of turning on my kitchen cooktop.

But it’s perfect for quickly steaming sweet corn, baby carrots and green peas, whether fresh or frozen. And what is more, it has very simple usage instructions, as easy as the press of a button. I love the fact that you need not watch over it, like when you are preparing for an entrée of chili.

The variety of recipes that can be adapted to instant pot cooking is tremendously improved in this model because it also has three adjustable modes in slow cook and sauté programs. For me, the specialty of this feature is that it includes three temperatures in sauté; browning, simmering and thickening. Most of my traditional recipes go well with my Instant Pot rice cooker.

Of course, we cannot expect a rice cooker to dry fry, but I can assure you that cooking in this rice cooker definitely retains the freshness and the aroma of food.

Uncompromised Safety Measures:

This Instant Pot DUO60 has the latest generation technology microprocessors embedded in it, which monitors the temperature, pressure and timer, and simultaneously adjusts the heating intensity and duration. It considers even the volume of food, which maintains consistency. It has always given me dependable results.

I have to admit that I make many absent minded errors while cooking but I can trust my Instant Pot DUO60 Rice Cooker, which is in fact designed to eliminate a lot of common errors. Moreover, it has 10 proven safety mechanisms certified by UCL and UL.

Special Features:

One of the useful and special features of this Instant Pot is the 24 hour timer that has allowed me to delay my cooking on a number of occasions. I also love the feature that automatically keeps food warm until I am ready to eat or serve.

Kitchen Friendly:

The slim body with small footprints, comfortably fits anywhere in an average kitchen like mine and can matches perfectly with other useful appliances. Also the 3-ply bottom makes cooking fast and powerful, and yet, it does not give out steam and heat up the room nor does it make much noise. It can cook two to six times faster when compared to cooking on conventional cookwares. Don’t you like the idea of such a more efficient Kitchen?


You need not get as crazy as me to buy two of the Instant Pot DUO60 Rice Cooker, but I sure think it’s worth the investment. It is highly energy efficient consuming 70% less energy, plus the time and attention saved helps tremendously. If you live a fast paced life or is planning to get your diet organized in a busy schedule, I would recommend you the Instant Pot DUO60 rice cooker. I am tremendously pleased with the performance and also the finish of this rice cooker.

Most Useful Appliances In Your Kitchen

Kitchen is that part of our home where all the daily activities take place. In other words, we can say that it is the place where we perform most of the household chores such as cleaning, cooking, etc. Usually it is the mother or the helper of the family that carry all of these workloads on their shoulders. Kitchen chores are something that most of us do not enjoy doing as it consumes time and can be tiring too. Modern technology comes to their aid and finally we have reason to rejoice. Now, there are many kitchen appliances that can help us perform half of our workload making life at the kitchen relaxing and more comfy.

The fact is that our kitchen has become a part of our home where we store all the useful appliances and modern kitchen equipment. Modern kitchen appliances are elegant in design and it not only minimizes your work, but also enhances the look of your kitchen. With all the needed appliances installed in your kitchen, you can transform your kitchen to a new place where working is enjoyable and not boring. Here are some kitchen appliances that have helped me a lot and tools without which I cannot live.


cooktopCooking is a hobby for me and so I don’t have a problem with it. When it comes to kitchen chores, cooking is one that we perform daily. A reliable and a good quality cooktop can make cooking much easier, and furthermore it is responsible for the cooking result. What I mean to say is that a good cooktop that has modern features and technology will be more user friendly and give you better control. I have the GE PHP960DMBB Induction cooktop installed in my kitchen. It is the best cooktop that I have used so far. It is a large cooktop that has 5 different sized burners with different temperature settings, which allows me to cook whatever I want. It cooks at twice the speed of other types of cooktop and has all the necessary modern features like pan sensors, control lock, touch control panel, and LCD display screen, etc.


The refrigerator is another useful equipment in my kitchen that takes care of all my food. There are many choices available at the market and in different styles. It is a very important household appliance as it prevents food spoilage. As I have a freezer in my kitchen, I can buy food in bulk for days or weeks and I don’t have to worry about it being spoiled; doing so saves my time and money too. Modern refrigerators allow us to store fresh food as well as dried food. It can also provide us chilled drinks during those hot sunny days. Trusted brands of refrigerator includes Samsung, Whirlpool and LG.


dishwasherCleaning dishes and kitchen utensils is one of the kitchen chores that we don’t really enjoy doing. It consumes time as well asrequires physical movement, and thus it is a tiring work. With the introduction of the dishwasher into our lives, cleaning has become much easier. Now, your dishwasher can do all the cleaning automatically. All you need to do is put in those dirty dishes and simply press the button. In simple words, it cleans the dishes by spraying hot water mixed with detergent and then dry the dishes mechanically to make it clean and retain their new looks.

Washing Machine

Another machine that can simplify your workload, a washing machine, has become a necessity in every household. Again, washing is time consuming and it can drain your energy. We all want to wear clean clothes and if you have small kids, you will need a washing machine even more. At a press of a button, a washing machine will wash your clothes and save you a lot of time and energy.

Innovative Modern Home Appliances

Your kitchen can get way more creative and efficient with modern technology; your family’s love for good home cooked food will be quite effortlessly entertained. Your favorite dish that you usually order in a posh restaurant can well become your specialty. What’s more you don’t have to hurry to a fast food corner on days that you are just unavoidably late for work. Your kitchen can work at automatic pace faster than your time spent dropping by and waiting at a roadside food-joint. Your kitchen chores can be completed in a couple of minutes and at the press of a button. If you are in need of a Kitchen renovation, maybe you should consider an upgrade with some of the latest kitchen appliances.

modern kitchen


Some Innovative Kitchen Appliances Worth Considering:

You may want to check out the following suggestions and make your choices for your kitchen.

·        Induction Cooktops:

This is one of the new sophisticated electric appliances that have revolutionized cooking. Induction cooking is faster and much more energy efficient than conventional hotplates. Besides, induction cooktops have precise control of cooking temperature and also have safety measures against overheating, preventing the cookware from boiling dry. Induction cooktops usually have automatic cookware detection that switches itself off when the cooktop is removed from its burner. What I think is special about the induction cooktop is that it does not put out heat in the room at all. And because the only part of an induction burner that is in contact with the cooktop gets heated and the rest remains cool, so it is super easy to clean. Some of the reliable cooktops are GE PHP960DMBB Induction Cooktop, NUWave PIC Pro High Powered Induction Cooktop, Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Electric Induction Cooktop, etc.

·        Dishwashers:

These are modern washing equipments that have simplified our Kitchen chores considerably. All you need to do is fit your crockery into the racks and set the device running, and your washing will be done in a jiffy. Bosch and SPT are some of the emerging brands that are gaining popularity along with reliability.

·        Electric Ovens and Toaster Ovens:

Baking on a furnace is meticulously tedious and difficult to control the heat; it is literally impossible to maintain a consistent temperature that is necessary for fine baking. Convection ovens are a boon for confectionery businesses. Well, chocolate confectionery and sweet confectionery like cakes and pastries can now be easily made or cooked in your own kitchen with an electric oven. Toasters give you a quick and perfect start for a wholesome breakfast. Popular brands include Hamilton, Cuisinart and Breville.

·        Microwave ovens:

Microwave ovens heats food uniformly and so it cooks more evenly than a burner. You can heat a variety of food stuff like snacks and soup too. Microwave ovens also enhanced domestic cooking experiences like barbecue; grill or broil, without having to go outdoors. You can enjoy fresh grilled meat or fish for dinner any day. Microwave devices also allow us to set the timer which makes cooking very convenient. Trusted brands are Panasonic and Kenmore.

·        Refrigerators:

Freezers are one of the most innovative appliances that are already quite widely used, but imagine where your beverages would have been stored if there were no freezers. With advancing technology, refrigerators with refined and sophisticated features are emerging. Full sized refrigerators are ideal for homes; perfect for storing foodstuffs. Some of the emerging brands specialized in refrigerators are Whirlpool, Haier, Frigidaire and Danby.

·        Electric Grinders, Juicers and Mixers:

These equipments have made domestic cooking immensely convenient. They are handy devices which make our work faster and easier while preparing. A few reliable models available in the market are Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 series, Hamilton Beach 58148a powerlite and 5 Quart Stand Mixer, Blentech Total Blender, and so on.

·        Coffee Makers and Electric Kettles:

You can rely on these small and smart machines to start your day with a good cup of tea or coffee. They are quick and easy, great for everyday use. They come in a wide range of sizes; brands like Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach, Black and Decker have coffee makers big enough to contain twelve cups, while the Tassimo Automatic brewer serves one. Besides you can choose a thermal coffee maker from Bonavita or Melitta that will keep your leftover tea or coffee fresh.

Conclusion: These appliances are a wee bit more expensive than our usual kitchen appliances, but are worth the investment. Imagine yourself hone your cooking skill with the new and improved cooking tools and appliances, imagine yourself cook the most elaborate dish that you always fancied. And because these Kitchen appliances and even accessories are made by professionals, they are much more reliable and convenient for usage. Make these new innovations your next alternative.

KitchenAid KV25GOXER: Highest Selling 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Some people like cooking and make it their hobby; they often cook different items. While preparing your dish you need to mix the ingredients to make the curry tastier. To mix the ingredients, 5 quart stand mixer will perfectly perform an awesome job to you. The mixer is ideal for preparing juice, pizza and sausage.

Special Qualities That Makes the Mixer Attractive

  • The 5 quart mixer comes with motor 450 Watts.KitchenAid-KV25GOXER
  • The blender spins in clockwise direction while the shaft spins counter clockwise allowing the ingredients to mix thoroughly.
  • User friendliness of the handle allows you to lift the bowl easily.
  • Multi-purpose attachment hub with wide range of optional accessories.
  • The mixer includes curved dough hook, whip wire and flat beater.
  • The stainless steel bowl is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Soft-start features prevent the ingredients from splashing out.
  • The beater is projected with 67 different points in the bowl.

Efficiency of the 5 Quart Mixer

The mixer has the capacity to mix even the heaviest mixtures and large batches without any difficulty. For mixing any kind of ingredients, you can select the right speed starting from the slowest level to the highest level since the mixer has 10 speed variations.

The mixer performs different functions such as mixing any ingredients starting from egg whites to pizza dough. The bowl is firm and the beater spins in clockwise direction while the shaft moves in counter clockwise direction, this allows the mixer to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Depending on the ingredients you are mixing you can adjust the speed.

What Happen When Overloading Occur?

In the process of mixing the ingredients, when it is overloaded or something obstruct the blades, then the mixer shut down automatically.

Advantages of the Mixer

The mixer performs quickly and it does not make much sound like a microwave oven does. Starting from the heaviest mixtures to the lightest, the mixer can do incredible service. Whether be it preparing juice or sausage, the mixer can handle the job easily.

Multi-Purpose Attachment Hub

The mixer provides different changing attachment options. It is easy to change the accessories. The only thing that you need to do is to turn the bowl and remove the items, after that insert the accessories you want to use.

Measurement of the Mixer

The measurement of the mixer is 16- ½ and 12/ 14 inches. The 5 quart stand mixer weighs 25 pounds (11.3 kgs). The mixer cost $293.

Final Verdict

The 5 quart stand mixer provides immense service in cooking. You can mix different types of ingredients. The mixer gives you the advantage to prepare a variety of ingredients. Depending on the weight of the ingredient you can adjust the speed limit. While this mixer is slightly pricey, for the functionality it covers, I think it is quite worth the price and more valuable than other mixers.

The tremendous performance of the 5 quart stand mixer would really make your cooking easier and quicker. With the help of this 5 quart mixer you would enjoy cooking. To make cooking more meaningful and enjoyable Tassimo beverage maker will be an added advantage. Since people generally tend to enjoy tea or coffee while cooking.

Range of Cooktops: Make Your Choice, It’s Your Kitchen!

Cooktops are one of the primary appliances in our kitchen; we are ever on the search to find the one that cooks perfectly. The better your cooktop, the more efficient your kitchen is, but the type of dish you cook is definitely your personal choice. Well, if in case you are still an amateur in cooking, find your inspiration in these delightful cooktops which comes in a wide range of sizes and operations. From the stylish and efficient to the sturdy and powerful cooktops available in the market, you should actually choose the one that fits your cooking style or schedule best.

Categories of Cooktops

Want to find out more about cooktops? Here’s my research:

Electric Cooktops

electric cooktop

Electric cooktops comes in a wide range of burner types – hotplates, coils and induction. The use of electric appliances in a way redefined cooking; it has enhanced the efficiency of heating and made things more convenient. Fuel efficiency is a major factor in the functioning of any appliance, and because electric current is far more plausible than other type of fuels, cooking became smoother. With improved heating elements, electric cooktops revolutionized cooking.

Hotplates and Coil Cooktops, usually made of Die Cast Metal, delivers faster and more consistent heat compared with gas cooktops. They both are more or less the same except for the fact that Hotplates have smoother burners which make it easier to clean. Both of these appliances can attain exceptionally high temperatures and also the temperature control is a little more improved than gas cooktops. Except for the fact that electric cooktops have limits for cooking time, hotplates and coils have an upper hand because of their fuel efficiency. The high power consumption of these appliances may also be an issue but this is effectively altered in induction Cooktops.

Induction Cooktops are powerful and sophisticated devices with high energy efficiency. Power consumption is considerably low at around 1800 Watt compared to hotplate and coil types that consumes an average of 3300 Watts, and yet, it can heat as high as 460°F. The energy efficiency of induction cooktops are about 12% to 18% more than non-induction, smooth electric cooktops. Safety measures have reached a level of sophistication in which the cooktop burner have pan sensors that automatically switches off if it does not sense any cookware on it, which also prevents overheating. Induction cooktops have astonishingly quick and precise temperature control that allows you different levels of heating; warm, simmer, boil, sear. Besides, digital touch control is one of the most advanced features in induction cooktops that has bolstered a fine finesse in the culinary art. In style, induction cooktops usually have a sleek and smooth appearance coupled with high performance. Induction cooktop helps prepare food easily.

Gas Cooktops

gas cooktop

Usually made of durable material and coated with stainless steel, gas cooktops are very convenient for homes. The number of burners differs in different models while the griddles are mostly iron cast. Gas Cooktops rely on gas fuels such as LPG and biogas. Set with rotary knobs for temperature control and ON/OFF, it is manually operated very easily. Some models are inbuilt and some portable. Most Gas cooktops are sturdy with powerful burners. This is the most commonly used cooktop and the most reasonably priced cooktops, in other words probably the bestseller cooktops. This is partly because gas cooktops do not confine us to ferromagnetic cookwares; it allows us to cook traditionally on any type of metal cookware.

What is remarkable about a Gas cooktop?

When it comes to portability, gas cooktops are a better choice than electric cooktops because small sized gas cylinders can conveniently be transported. Electric cooktops are limited to places where you can find a power outlet, so, gas cooktops will come in handy when you have plans to cook outdoors.


Ours is a world of technology that is undergoing a fascinating transformation; every home appliances are efflorescent with a variety of bold inventions—choose the ideal ones to suit your purpose. I have considered a number of choices in my attempt to upgrade to a better and more efficient cooktop. Over the couple of months that I have owned my GEPHP900DMBB induction cooktop, it is working excellently and you can take a look at its features if you like.

Tassimo Automatic Brewer TAS1000UC with Barcode Technology

tassimo coffee brewerWhat is the use of going to coffee houses or a Café? Why should we spend 4 or 5 dollars a day for a cup of coffee? Going to a coffee house consumes time, money and labor. I have learnt that instead of going to a coffee house, having a coffee brewer at home is much more convenient with almost the same results that we get from our regular coffee houses. However, we are usually wrecked with which coffee brewer to buy. As per my research on home appliances and experience, among all coffee brewers available in the market, Tassimo coffee brewer offers the best working capacity, quality, efficiency and comfort. Tassimo coffee brewer is manufactured by Bosch, and is rated as one of the best selling coffee brewers. The device comes with a price tag of $144.30.

Why Should You Buy Tassimo Coffee Brewer?

The coffee brewer comes with certain profitable features:

  • The brewer comes with an automatic single-serve brewer.
  • It is designed with barcode technology that uses T-Discs.
  • To save energy, it is reverted automatically to stand-by mode.
  • The brewer offers a variety of different brewing system.
  • You can adjust the height of the cup stand.
  • The indicator indicates the water level in the brewer.
  • There is no ruckus, no measuring and no cleaning in the brewer.

Different Brewing System

You can brew in different condition according to your likeness. Starting from the darkest color to the lightest one, you can drink it depending on your choice.

Design with Barcode Technology

The bar code enables you to adjust the brew temperature of the water. The bar code allows you to personalize individual drinks and enabling a wider range of drinks. It is important to read the bar code so that there wouldn’t be any defect in the working system.

Availability of Adjustable Cup Stand

To adjust the height of the cup, the adjustable cup stand does a brilliant job. The handle on the water tank permits you to adjust the cup by sliding the tab with one finger.

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator will indicate the amount of water in the brewer. This is helpful when you want to brew multiple times, especially on days when you have company.

Fully Automatic Brewer

At the touch of a button, the brewer consistently performs the function. If you want to brew a cup of coffee, the brewer would do the job within a minute.

Usefulness of T-Discs

The coffee foams depend on the stability of the T-Discs. Since the brewer is compact, the disk consumes a bit of space. The T-Disc is refillable and more commonly used. Unlike K-Cups, T-Discs are easily available in the market and this is also one primary reason why people preferred to use T-Discs. The advantage of cleaning disk is that you can spit out hot water from the brewer.

The Stand-By Mode System

To save energy, the brewer reverts automatically to the stand-by mode when it is not in use.

Limitations of the Brewer

Though the brewer is convenient to use there are slight drawbacks. The adjustable cup stand holds only finite mugs. So, the stand is adjustable only to smaller mugs. Secondly, the pods are hard to get and little expensive.

Comparison Between Tassimo and Keurig Machine

In comparison to Keurig machine, the Tassimo brewer is smaller in size. So, if your kitchen is too small, then Tassimo brewer will fit you well. Keurig machines are not capable of any foaming drinks like Tassimo does. Moreover, Keurig is slower in preparing a cup of coffee. Unlike Keurig you don’t need to insert the pods and wait for the machine to warm up. Instead, all you need to do is insert the pods and press the button, then in a minute, your choice of beverage would be ready.

Final Statement

The Tassimo brewer is easy to operate and quick to brew. In terms of quality and convenience, the brand is rated as one of the best selling brewer in the present market. You can also read review on Black and Decker programmable coffee maker.

Though some limitations are detected in this brewer, the variety of features and quality that it offers makes the brewer a unique brewer. For its versatility and other reasons, this coffee brewer is quite popular in present times. If you have used other models or brands and feel uncomfortable with its working capacity or other states, then, I would strongly recommend you to purchase this model for its overall performance.

Portable Outland Firebowl Deluxe 890: Portable Propane Fire Pit

There’s always a shortage of fun without a fire pit in cool evenings during the fall season. A view of the clear starry night is worth enjoying with a fire pit in the middle and a glass of French wine in hand. Most of the people who love nature would also like to go camping with a fire pit and enjoy the true colors of the fall season when all leafs start to turn golden yellow. The Portable Outland Deluxe Propane Fire Pit is a perfect choice for those who go camping often or take trips to the mountains. It has become one of the helpful and needful home accessories.

Some Good Features of Outland Propane 890 Fire Pit at a Glance

  • It has a strong BTU of 58000 with clean smokefire bowl
  • It is CSA approved for use even where there are campfire bans
  • The hose is 10 feet in length and comes with a regulator
  • The package also includes a carry kit, cover, decorative rock set and stabilizer for propane tank
  • It is perfect for outdoor camping due to its light weight
  • No tools are required to assemble this fire pit
  • It is made of steel which is coated with high temperature resistant powder for durability

A 58000 BTU is strong enough to warm at least four to five persons comfortably in your camping site. It burns clean without smoke and so it is very safe for your health if used in the open. However, if you intent to use indoors, you should have a proper ventilation so that there are less health hazards.

No matter where you take this fire pit, it is CSA approved and so you are free to use even in places where there is strict campfire bans. Very often, Forest and Park Rangers get wild at campers when they see campers using this fire pit at camping sites because they had mistaken it for burning wood. We were aware that real wood campfire is restricted in the Ski Mountains, so, we bought this propane fire pit for our camping and as we were enjoying the cold evening, the Rangers came yelling at us for the campfire. Probably, they thought that we were using real wood fire pit. As they came closer, they came to know that it was propane fire pit, which looked quite like real wood fire pit. We chat for some time and they took leave wishing us a good stay.

A 10 feet long hosepipe comes with a regulator for connecting it with the propane tank. It is quite comfortable to keep the tank away from the burner without the least of disturbances. Whether it rains or shine, you don’t have to worry about gathering wood in your camping site because it is a propane fire pit. Your camping trip will never be a failure if you are with this fire pit. However, you have to buy the propane tank separately. A 20-pound tank will last for three nights with medium level of flame for six to seven hours of usage every day.

When it is time for you to get back home, it is very easy to pack all of the kits, put it in a cover, and carry it comfortably due to its lightweight. In fact, no tools are required to assemble this fire pit. All you have to do is fix the hosepipe with a regulator to the propane tank and turn it on to light up and it’s time to enjoy the true ambience of the fire pit.

The fire pit is made of high quality steel and it is coated with high temperature resistant powder in order to last longer. But, you can invest on fire pit cover for extended durability. This fire pit is not only meant for camping trips or sites, but you can use it in your patio, garden or lawn as well. You will never be tired of enjoying the cool evening outside by the side of this fire pit. This is a perfect fire pit for carrying with you in your RVs so that you will never miss the fun of being in the warm fire. In addition to that, it has a great value for money, so, I strongly recommend this fire pit for those who have the passion to go for camping trips.

Kitchen Friendly and Low Cost Waring DB60 Electric Cooktop


waring_cooktopWhen it comes to choosing a cooktop, I guess we are all choosy because of the fact that there are many choices available. I had the same experience while hunting for my cooktop months back. Also, we have our own cooking styles and cooking requirements. We want and need a cooktop that we can rely on anytime. People who cook often or daily, or prepare food, will know how a good cooktop can make their kitchen chores a lot easier. More importantly, to cook any kind of food and to deliver good cooking results, you will need a cooktop with good modern features. Click here and check out the features and specifications of a good-quality cooktop.

Of the different types of cooktop available in the market today, electric cooktop is also one that you can rely on. Electric cooktops are generally cheaper than gas cooktop and electric modern induction cooktop, making it the No. 1 choice for those who are on budget. Easy installation process and easy maintenance are also some of the reasons why electric cooktop is still in great demand.

As hinted earlier, choosing which one to go for is very confusing. Here is a simple tip that will help you find your cooktop easily without wasting much time. First thing, decide on which one to go for—gas, electric, or induction cooktop. After deciding on that, you have to keep in mind how you will be using it or things like the kind of food that you would be cooking. You can also make your choice accordingly as there are cooktops that has one burner, two burners and even five burners.

Waring DB60- Efficient and Reliable

After reading reviews and features, I finally decided on Waring DB60 as I thought it will meet all my cooking requirements. And yes, it does and every single time I use it, I always thought I made the right choice. It is a 2 burner electric cooktop that practically does all the cooking in my kitchen. I decided on two burners for many reasons. With two burners, I can cook or prepare two different dishes at the same time, which also saves my time. It features one burner of 1300 watt and a smaller plate of 500 watt. Two burner is always better than one as it offers you one extra burner and it is of the right size (not too big and not so heavy). Two burners do not add that much extra weight and so portability is not an issue. I can shift my cooking place and cook where I want, provided there is a power outlet. Cooktops with only one burner can prolong your cooking time as you have to cook one at a time; and cooktops with 4 or 5 burners are normally large in size that it may challenge the portability of the unit. Mentioned above are the reasons why I picked a 2 burner cooktop.

More About DB60 Electric Cooktop

This cooktop has a dimension of 19.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches and it weighs 9 pounds. I like the fact that it features a non-slip rubber feet for firm setting. You will find two light indicators at the front panel that indicates whether you are in the ‘on’ and ‘ready to cook’ mode. I find the light indicator very helpful while cooking. The two burners can be adjusted or controlled separately, and both burners give you five different temperature settings. With the 5 temperature settings, you can possibly cook any kind of food. The larger plate with the higher watt can perform any major cooking while the smaller plate can accommodate any side dishes that require less cooking time.

If you prefer electric cooktop and look forward to cooking in style and comfort, Waring DB60 is a recommendable model. It is energy efficient, maintenance is easy, and yes, comparing the price and the performance it delivers, this model is good value for money.

Super Quality Terrazzo 58992- EC Patio Fire Pit Cover

Who does not want to protect their things from getting damaged? Absolutely, all of us want to protect our things from it getting damaged. In colder or frozen regions, people usually use fire pit to protect them from the cold. During the winter season, we generally use fire pits to keep us warm. Likewise, your fire pit also needs protection from hazardous situations. So, to protect your fire pit, different covers are available depending on the size of your fire pit. Are you looking for a fire pit cover to purchase? Given in detail below are some of the fine details about this fire pit cover.

fire pit cover

What Special Features does the Terrazzo EC Patio58992 Fire Pit Cover Possess?

  • The hard rain-tie clothing protects the fire pit from rain, rust, snow, ultra-violet rays, and so on.
  • The elastic loops are fixable on all legs to protect you from breezy conditions.
  • The two vents allow your fire pit to decrease inside condensation.
  • The elastic rope, which is at the bottom edge, allows you to fix your fire pit cover quickly and firmly.

Why the Terrazzo Fire Pit Cover is the Finest and the Cheapest Choice?

The Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio fire pit cover comes with the best heavy duty fabric at a cost of 14.99 dollars.

What are the Overall Dimensions of the Fire Pit Cover?

The product dimension is 52 x 52 inches and overall dimension is 36 inches (length) x 40 inches (width).

To What Extend can it Cover?

The fire pit cover can fit up to 44 inches in diameter. But if your fire pit exceeds 44 inches in diameter, it won’t be able to cover your fire pit legs.

What are the Advantages of Using the Terrazzo Patio Fire Pit Cover?

fire pitThe Patio fire pit cover is perfectly made. The elastic loops are sturdy and well built. It prevents your fire pit from rusting. It can even fit on copper pits that are 30 inches in diameter. The cloth is durable because it is made with high quality materials, just like the rope is.

What are the Limitations of Using the Fire Pit Cover?

Since the diameter measures only 44 inches, it does not fit all sizes. What I mean is that if the fire pit measures 40 inches or more, the cover won’t be able to cover completely. Secondly, there is a lack of toggles in the elastic rope. Finally, the cover is not wholly waterproof.

Final Statement

The elastic ropes are powerful enough to cover your fire pit. According to my experience, the service provided by the Patio cover is excellent. Though the total price is cheap, the product is really wonderful. If you are looking for more expensive fire pit cover, then go for Classic Accessories fire pit cover.

The reason why I bought this Patio cover is that to keep my fire pit from rusting and getting wet. Several years had passed, but still I’m using this model, and my fire pit is still in mint condition. The proficiency provided by the Terrazzo 5899 –EC Patio looks amazing. Truly speaking, if you are really yearning for fire pit cover, go for Terrazzo 58992-EC Patio.